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Times are hard everywhere in this troubled world and India is no exception, presently inflation has reached 14%, but for the poor in real terms this is more like 18% as the basics, food, fuel, education and health have risen even more during early 2010 and on top of this the lower exchange rates have seriously eroded the income received by the home.

If you can assist by making a one off donation or provide a regular donation by standing order it would be of tremendous help to those in need. Sometimes we might feel that £5 per month is hardly worth making the arrangement, but a number of such donations make a huge difference to the life of the elderly and children... below are some of the ways your funding can make a difference...

£25 funds the uniform for one child for a year, £100 funds one child's education for a year and £200 would finance a college placement for one of the older children, £25 funds one child at Sunday School for a year!

£15 per month funds one of the elder's monthly medical needs, £75 per month finances a nurse 2 days a week for a month, £10 funds one child to have 5 items of fruit and vegetables per day for a month!

Your contribution will go towards providing a home and education for the children and care for the elderly who otherwise would live in very difficult and poor circumstances.

If you would like to make a donation or regular contribution then contact Mike Page from Pershore on the contact form below or by post using the address in the CALS diary for The Shunem Home.

Alternatively you can make a donation through PayPal using the button below or the email address ''.

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